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St. John's Trusted Dental Hygienist

At SnuggleTooth, we understand the importance of personalized care and quality service. That's why we provide our clients with undivided attention and tailored treatments to address their unique needs. Come experience and  see why at SnuggleTooth, you are more than just a number.

Personalized Dental Hygiene Services in St. John's

Are you looking for a dental hygienist to help you and your family maintain clean and healthy teeth? SnuggleTooth emphasizes the importance of preventive care and offers personalized dental hygiene services in St. John's. 

We are located in the centre of the city of St. John's. Call us for your next dental cleaning and assessment in St. John's. Our focus is to provide a personalized and comfortable experience that fits your dental needs. You can expect guidance, clear recommendations, and ongoing support throughout your journey to optimal oral wellness.

Hygiene Solutions Designed Just for You

Oral Hygiene Assessment

We provide a personalized oral hygiene plan for achieving optimal and long-term dental health.

We will discuss any of your concerns, perform an oral health exam and gather the necessary information to best serve you and individualize treatment to address your needs.

Blood pressure reading if needed
Oral cancer screening
Head and neck exam
Periodontal assessment of tissues, teeth, and gums
Intra-oral photos of mouth if needed

If conditions are identified that require treatment, not within our scope of practice, we will refer you to see your dentist or specialist for further assessment and care. you do not currently have a dentist one can certainly be recommended. 

Teeth Cleaning

Dental hygiene treatment is more than just a cleaning procedure. This ongoing maintenance is customized for your needs. A dental cleaning (or scaling) involves the removal of the hard deposits that forms on tooth surfaces called calculus (or tartar). The accumulation of soft plaque and calculus contributes to periodontal disease, and their removal is essential for good oral health.

Polish and Stain Removal

After scaling, polishing ( if indicated) can remove surface stains on teeth and leave them shiny and smooth, putting the finishing touches on preventive dental treatment.

Teeth Whitening

Take advantage of our flexible teeth whitening options. You can schedule a visit for in-office treatment, or you can choose professionally dispensed take-home whitening kits. Our hygienist is available for a free consultation and can assess if you are a candidate for teeth whitening.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is a preventive strategy for sensitivity and tooth decay for individuals at risk. 

COVID-19 Protocols to Keep Our Patients and Staff Safe

COVID self assessment Form and Medical Health History Form before the appointment.

appointment form

Sanitizing hands upon entry and exit.

hand sanitize

If you are feeling sick, please inform us and reschedule your appointment.

reschedule appointment

Treatment room has its own air purification system.

Air purification system.

Private treatment rooms to contain aerosols.

Private treatment rooms
Meet Natasha, the Hygienist

Meet Natasha, the Hygienist

“I find joy in teaching and learning with patients.” - Learn about Natasha’s inspiring journey.

Important Forms

Important Forms

Get the COVID Screening Form and Medical Health History Form you need for your appointment.

Preventive Dental Care

Preventive Dental Care

Partner with our hygienist and take the first steps towards improved oral health.

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